Welcome to the english page of Aikido Dojo infinity moves.

We are an international dojo in the small city of Mülheim an der Ruhr.Our dojo is open 6 days a week and students arrive with enthusiasm and joy to train Aikido.

Although, Communication and contact are the main features of this Japanese Martial Art, it can also be used as self-defence and to keep both physically fit and flexible. Lessons are available from both native and fluent English speakers. Through seminars , dojo friends and people who train with us we have contact with Germany, England, Ireland, Japan, Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain to mention a few.

The teachers of Aikido Dojo infinity moves attend many seminars every year in order to both learn andensure the standards in the dojo are kept to the highest level. The dojo is a permanently rented room not a sports hall. This means we try to develop an atmosphere where people want to learn Budo with an emphasis on the Japanese word ‘do’.
Our emphasis on long term development and the understanding of responsibility means many of our studentshave developed to high levels and have also began teaching.
We celebrated 10 years of Aikido Dojo infinity moves in January 2011.
Classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for adults and Wednesday for older teens/twenties. Wear lose cotton clothing. We practice barefoot so bring towel to wash feet.
First two lessons free to see if the dojo or Aikido is for you.It is helpful if you could email or phone to say you are comingor if you want to ask any questions.We look forward to seeing you.
E-mail: aikido.dojo[at]infinitymoves.de. Phone: +49 (0) 160-968 164 91.